Run Your Business on Business Central Part 2 -“Scratching That Itch”

This is the second in a series of thoughts for Professional Services organization in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central channel. The first post addressed the thought of “scratching your own itch” – meaning using the products you sell and service in your organization. Here’s how using the products you sell can help your organization:

Show it off without “showing it off”

Using our own products can be a boost to our sales efforts as well as our service and product divisions. We sell Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Progressus PSA on the promise of better project accounting and project management for Professional Services organizations. What better reference than “Yes, we use it internally”?  We can promote it to our customer base, our consultants can show the product ad hoc while on site (even in small chunks – think mobile time entry), and we can leverage invoice formatting and messaging to advertise what we use internally (“Isn’t it great, don’t you just love the invoice formats, comments”, etc.).

All conversations that can be held without a salesperson involved; and let’s face it – our best sales influencers are not salespeople, they are the consultants who our customers already know and trust. As part of everyday business interactions with our customers, we get to know how they think and feel, not just what they tell us in a sales cycle. There often is a difference in those two conversations.

Unlimited user feedback

As organizations, we collect data in the sales process, we collect data in the support process, and we may even collect customer feedback with sophisticated interactive tools for product suggestions and enhancements and make those tools available to our partners and customers. None of that can compare with what you might gain in an informal discussion between colleagues. In those discussions you might notice a pattern (i.e. – “the first thing that everyone brings up is _____”) and you will certainly hear the passion (or lack thereof) that they hold for your product. It’ll be evident, or conspicuously absent.

Better serve your clients

We also get to attack the “feel” from both sides if we are using the products internally. We “tell” people how to invoice their customers, and how to submit their time/expenses/receipts, but can we actually do it ourselves? What does it feel like? Is it “friendly” or “grumpy” or simple or quirky?  You won’t know until you try it yourself.  So, try it!  You will get to bask in the warmth of an easy/friendly experience and know the personal aggravation of a grumpy one. You will very quickly identify what you like and dislike about the process and product, and now you’re in a much better position to help improve your customer experience simply by “scratching your own itch” and fixing what irritates YOU.

Your Internal Use Rights edition

We at Progressus PSA want to help you with that, and as such offer an exclusive Internal Use Rights (IUR) edition of Progressus PSA for our authorized partners. Yes, we will GIVE you the chance to scratch that itch! Admittedly, it’s a bit self-serving on our part as we will also use your feedback and suggestions as a successful Professional Services Organization to improve the product for other Professional Services organizations. There was a guy once who touted the concept of “win-win” …I think this fits nicely.

For more information on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Progressus PSA Internal Use Rights program, and the Partner Program in general, please contact us. Our Partner Team is happy to assist wherever we might be useful, with the end goal of having you as a Progressus PSA partner with happy and profitable customers.

Contact us at: [email protected] or me personally at [email protected].

Happy to help us both win-win!