Progressus People – Project-focused and Microsoft-friendly

Progressus was created by Plumbline Consulting, the leader in developing Microsoft-based solutions for professional services firms and project-based businesses for over 20 years. Over the years, we’ve delivered thousands of business management solutions to customers in just about any industry you can think of with project management or project accounting needs. Progressus PSA was built on the wealth of knowledge that can only come from the experience of working with such a large, broad and diverse set of industry customers.

The People Behind Progressus PSA

At Progressus PSA, we bring the Power of P3 – People-Centricity, Process Power and Power of Platform, discussed in other posts – to enhance your organization’s performance through paradigm-shifting, true cloud PSA solution. But, just as important to your success, the people behind Progressus PSA are Microsoft experts. Our team is a mix of industry veterans, many of whom spent years working for Microsoft itself developing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft’s original ERP solution for project-based businesses, and a new generation of cloud-first solution architects and developers, certified by Microsoft for expertise in ERP, CRM, and Cloud.

Moreover, Progressus PSA and Microsoft have a special relationship, beyond the fact that many former Microsoft people are on the Progressus team. Progressus PSA was conceived and planned in conjunction with Microsoft business application leaders who recognized the need for a complete business solution to support professional services firms and project-based businesses and wanted a trusted partner to develop it. We worked in conjunction with Microsoft from conception through launch of Progressus PSA, which means we truly are the experts.

Find out how Progressus PSA brings the Power of P3 plus the expertise of Microsoft to drive the enhanced performance of your business.