Harnessing the Power of Microsoft to Automate Your Project-based Business

Let’s face it: Microsoft is ubiquitous in the business world. We all use Microsoft technology and tools – such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook – to drive our organizations. Our people are comfortable using these tools, our IT departments are experts in supporting these tools, and our core, mission-critical processes are actually based around the workflows best handled by these tools.

That’s why your professional services automation (PSA) solution should make the most of the Microsoft tools you already use. The alternative (a standalone system with a foreign UI and “rules of the game”) is often costly, time-consuming, and complicated. And user adoption? It brings down ROI month after month.

Progressus PSA seamlessly integrates with the Microsoft tools you and your people use every day. It looks familiar and works familiar, so your people will be able to adapt quickly and be more productive, sooner.

As a paradigm-changing true cloud solution, Progressus PSA brings to your business the best that modern technology offers. It is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is native to Microsoft Intelligent Cloud, making it easy to deploy, simple to configure and maintain, and it eliminates almost all costs and complexity of deployment and integration.

Here’s what else Progressus PSA offers:

  • Multi-language and multi-currency
  • Secure, private, and compliant
  • Native interoperability
  • Modular and extensible

In short, Progressus PSA has one cloud, one security model, one data model, and a common user interface for all your business and productivity applications.

Together with People-Centricity and Process Power, Power of the Platform comprises the three pillars upon which Progressus PSA stands. The Power of P3 = increased performance for your professional services firm or project-based business.

Read on to discover how Progressus PSA can help move your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.