If Your PSA Isn’t End-to-End, Don’t Bother

There must be dozens of simultaneous discrete processes – and sub-processes – involved in running your business. You’ve got the sales team working on lead generation and moving through the sales cycle; HR dealing with hiring and firing and payroll; the finance department generating invoices and billing and tracking money coming in and going out; consultants working directly with clients; marketing producing collateral and purchasing ad space; just to name a few. If you manufacture or distribute as part of your business, then there are additional processes in place to assemble, package, and deliver products that need to be coordinated.

Would you want to invest in professional services automation (PSA) technology that didn’t integrate all the cross-organizational business processes that make your business successful? Of course not. You want an “end-to-end” business process that supports all the cross-organizational work that needs to be done to achieve your business goals. It sounds like a lot to incorporate so it’s working smoothly, and it is – but it’s exactly what Progressus cloud PSA software solution was designed to do.

Progressus PSA is a paradigm-shifting true cloud PSA that is built on Process Power. It is the only PSA solution with end-to-end/365 business process support.

Here are some of the advantages of end-to-end, cloud PSA software:

  • Progressus PSA encompasses all your business management functionality and analytics, plus collaboration and Microsoft Office productivity tools.
  • It provides complete ERP capabilities
  • You can automate any process across systems with no costly or complex integration
  • Progressus cloud PSA software solution allows you to achieve “Level 5” business process maturity

Along with People-Centricity and Power of the Platform, which you can read about in other posts, Process Power is one of the three pillars upon which Progressus PSA stands. “The Power of P3” is what lifts us above other PSA solutions on the market and is what will lift your business above your competitors. Read here to find out more.