PSA Systems Need to Put People First

Would it be safe to say that, as a professional services or project-based business, almost 80% of your revenue is driven by your people? After all, they are the ones generating leads, closing deals, and delivering your services.  

Assuming so, there are few investments more important than making sure your people have all the tools they need to do their jobs correctly, efficiently, and productively, with as little frustration and as few impediments as possible. This means giving them technology that allows departments to communicate between each other clearly, tracks progress of your service or product from start to finish, ensures quality management, and seamlessly runs financial operations. All this means your people start and end their days with a smile as they feel productive and accomplished. 

People Centric Professional Services Automation

Progressus PSA solution, the paradigm-shifting pure cloud professional services automation solution, is a cut above other professional services automation solutions on the market because it is built for the people who use it every day. This includes not only your billable personnel, but also your non-billable personnel who support sales, marketing, finance, recruiting, operations, etc. We call this “People-Centricity,” and it is one of the three pillars – the Power of P3 – upon which our product stands. You can read more about the other pillars comprising P3 in upcoming posts.  

What do we mean when we say that Progressus PSA is built for the people who use it every day? It is designed for Microsoft Office 365 and to perfectly, seamlessly integrate with the tools your people are already using and are comfortable with. The upshot: There is little new for your people to learn; they can essentially keep on working with the office tools they already know. This not only saves time across the organization, but also minimizes the typical frustration and chaos that tends to accompany the integration of new technology system. 

Here are some other benefits of People-Centricity: 

  • Your people can work from any place, at any time, on any device 
  • Individuals and teams can customize their automated workflows 
  • Role centers can be created or leveraged for access through Outlook, web browser or mobile app 
  • Employees can personalize their workspace to suit their work and preferences 

Learn more about People-Centricity and how the Power of P3 equals success for your professional services or project-based business.