What Should You Look for in a PSA?

You’ve made the right decision to invest in a professional services automation (PSA) solution to help your business run more efficiently and improve sales. But are you investing in the right PSA for your business? With hundreds of platforms on the market, choosing a PSA solution that will best fit your business’ needs can be challenging. After all, each sells itself on a different combination of capabilities. And, naturally, each one claims to be the best!

What to Consider When Choosing a PSA Solution

When evaluating your options, you’ll want to look for its ability to deliver on the promise of the following:

1. Scalability

2. Build for the Cloud

3. End-to-End Business Process Support

4. Simple Integration

5. Visibility and Insight

You may be inclined to use your classic, legacy software package as a PSA. In truth, legacy software has strong functionality. Unfortunately, choosing a PSA solution built on a legacy software package is also expensive to implement and support, a challenge to integrate with other systems, and doesn’t give you the latest and greatest that technology can offer your business in the cloud-based world we work in.

Instead, you ought to be looking at a re-imagined true cloud PSA solution that can deliver on the list above. These types of products are built in the cloud, for the cloud, and integrate seamlessly with the cloud-based business solutions you are already using for your business, like Microsoft Office 365.

Types of True Cloud PSA Solutions

There are four categories of true cloud PSA solutions, with increasing levels of capabilities:

1. Pure PSA

2. More PSA

3. End-to-End Professional Services

4. End-to-End PSA with Full ERP

When choosing a PSA solution, what you are looking to accomplish and how much you are willing to invest will determine which type of cloud PSA is the right one for you.

Progressus PSA is a paradigm-changing true cloud solution that gives businesses the insight to drive excellence in project and resource management, increase employee productivity, create transparent processes that lead to better workflow between departments, and ultimately deliver the best customer experience possible.

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