Welcome to the “New” Progressus

I couldn’t be more pleased to share the “new” Progressus with everyone! We have been working long and hard for the past year developing the comprehensive solution that small and medium-sized businesses deserve. Let’s get into some of the details and exciting features of Progressus: 

Progressus PSA is a cloud-powered professional services automation solution engineered for emerging professional services firms and project-based businesses who are looking to expand their businesses and generate more revenue. Progressus is designed for Microsoft Office 365, built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and native to the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud – making it a one of a kind solution. This enables people to customize their work experience and work natively in Outlook, mobile apps, or a web client.

The platform supports automated business processes across CRM, ERP, and PSA functionality, Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, plus other Dynamics 365 and Azure-hosted apps without code or integration. Utilize just what your business needs to start and scale upward from there! Available on Microsoft’s AppSource marketplace for download, Progressus PSA is unique in that it provides a single system incorporating PSA, CRM, ERP, analytics, collaboration, and productivity.

The 3 P’s

The “new” Progressus was designed with the 3 P’s in mind… people, platform, and process.


We don’t want you to have to waste your time learning a new piece of software…we’d rather just give you more power to better leverage the tools you use every day! Progressus does just that with full Microsoft Office 365 integration, which leverages cloud capability, tailored workspaces, and automated workflows.


Progressus leverages one cloud, one security model, one data model, and a common user interface for all your business and productivity applications. Keeping your data safe and secure is just as important to us as it is to you! Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and native to the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud, it is easy to deploy, simple to configure and manage, and unique in how it can virtually eliminate the cost and complexity of deployment and integration.


We want you to be in control. Progressus is the only solution with End- to-End/365 business process support – encompassing business management functionality (including core financials and CRM), business intelligence and analytics, collaboration capabilities, and productivity tools. This gives you ultimate control and unparalleled insight into your business!

Again, as I wrote previously, I could not be more excited to share Progressus with the market – and believe it is an unparalleled and unmatched solution in the market. If you’re interested, please contact us or download the free trial of Progressus available on Microsoft AppSource.