Progressus Partner Training Boot Camp Series Expands for Partners

With the introduction of Dynamics 365 Business Edition, Microsoft has opened a new market to Partners who may have no experience in the financial/accounting sectors. With Progressus Software as an available extension for BOTH Dynamics 365 Business Edition and Dynamics NAV, Partners now have powerful, effective tools to conquer the Professional Services niche markets in the ENTIRE Small/Medium Business (SMB) market.  The Professional Services market requires specific knowledge, and Progressus Software is taking the lead in providing the training to those Partners, regardless of their previous history or knowledge base.

Progressus Software is offering Partner Training Boot Camps to any Partners who want to expand into the Dynamics 365 Business Edition and Dynamics NAV Professional Services arena.  These Boot Camps are a week long total immersion into the professional services world, and how the Microsoft products serve those customers.  Included in the Boot Camps are comparisons between Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Edition, as well as a few other Microsoft products; functional overviews of all three products (NAV/Dynamics 365/Progressus), and deep dives into the specific unique traits of each.  The first two days are totally NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Edition as a financial backdrop and baseline, with Day 3 through 5 incorporating Progressus Software to specifically address the Professional Services markets.  The Boot Camp trainers include Progressus Software and Dynamics NAV experts, with Microsoft Technical Experts lending hands with some of the newer, cooler Microsoft technologies.

Progressus began holding these Partner Training Boot Camps in late 2016 to much success – each one was filled to capacity!  The next Boot Camp is April 24-28, but it is sold out already.  The next available Boot Camp is July 10-14 at the Progressus Software Campus Training Center in Findlay, with some slots already spoken for, and a few more still available.  Progressus plans to conduct a Boot Camp every 6-8 weeks for the foreseeable future, based on demand and response so far.

So, whether Partners are already in the Professional Services sector, or are looking to expand their practices into it with Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Edition, the Progressus Software Partner Training Boot Camps can be a good tool to educate on both the market, as well as the software available from Microsoft to serve that market.